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The Black Dog story begins on the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  After another successful day, trolling for Sailfish, in the waters off Isla Mujeres, best friends, Steve and Marco, met a few fellow anglers on Hildalgo Street and were invited to join in for drinks.
What do fishermen talk about while drinking BEER!?  

Catching Fish !!!!!

Steve mentioned to his friends that he had a few Butterfly Jigs, purchased five years ago, collecting dust in his tackle box.  
Gyro John, (all these Captains seem to have nick names) a Texas boat Captain, suggested they fish the jigs at a drop off and see what happens.
As the night out with friends came to an end and Amigos parted ways, Gyro John yelled across the street,
"Hey guys, when you use those jigs tomorrow, you better HOLD ON!"
The next day Steve and Marco headed to a fishing spot called AeroSmith to try their luck jigging.  Upon arriving at the drop off, their jigs were free-spooled until they hit bottom.  Steve and Marco engaged their reels bailors and worked the jigs, when all Hell broke loose.  Each of their poles doubled over and their reels drag started screaming.

The fight was on !!

About ten minutes later, Steve and Marco each, landed AmberJack weighing about 45 pounds.  Steve and Marco have been hooked on jigging ever since.  
That day was five years ago.
Over the past five years, Marco continued with his other business interests in Texas, while Steve purchased a condo on Isla Mujeres and went fishing as often as he could.  Steve learned as much as he could about jigging, from different types of jigging rods, jigging reels, jigs, braided lines, assist hooks, assist cords, leaders, split rings, and solid rings.

Steve discovered what jigs work and which ones don't, in addition to which particular jig was more effective at catching fish.   In addition, when Steve purchased vertical jigs, he regularly removed the hardware, (split ring, solid ring, assist cord, and hook) and replaced them with upgraded hardware that would not bend or break.  
Steve shared what he learned about jigging with Marco and they came up with the idea of Black Dog.

In January 2013, Black Dog was founded.

Black Dog is dedicated  to producing high quality, innovative, and affordable jigging supplies for the novice and professional angler alike.

Every Black Dog jig is a proven winner and field tested.

If you have any questions or commits about Black Dog jigs, feel free
to contact Steve or Marco.
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